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Wii Sports Resort Save File

Start with a blank save file and save the minimum amount of detail - record every bit of that detail in a log. Open that file in a hex editor and look for something that makes sense- I would search for the date code stored in bitfield format. From there, you can begin searching for offsets and values stored in 2 bit hex strings.

Wii Sports Resort Save File

I was able to use many of these details, and a lot of tinkering to create an online parser for wii fit weight. I started with a parser that I found, and just converted everything to plaintext hex with binascii.b2a_hex (python) so i could figure out the correct values and worked backwards until it worked. You can see my working parser at - it pulls weight, date, balance, and bmi from the wii fit save file.

After Ehm was provided with a download link, and shared it with the admins, I took a look into this. This is the worst fake prototype I have ever seen. From the save file banner to the grossly incorrect information given when "documenting" this fake prototype ("This image was taken by a boat harbor with the file name Marina.tpl The File Creation Date, Dates Back to December 18, 2001. So this may have been a leftover image used by nintendo as a placeholder", brres files do not contain file-creation or file-modified dates. Why save metadata when you're trying to save space?), this was the work of an amateur either trying to make a name for themselves, or one that has absolutely no life. [Please note that opinions expressed here do not reflect the opinion of other admins] -eientei95 (talk) 02:00, 14 November 2017 (EST)

You obviously were not paying attention to the messages, i literally said that the iso file didnt work so i had to replace the files in a regular wii sports iso with the files from the beta iso -Aribacon (talk)

The issue has been resolved. For anyone who has the same problem, it is ok to format your Mii Channel. It will only erase all of your Miis, not all of your game saved data. However, it may erase some of your high scores in games that were tied to your Miis like Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort. Metroid Prime Trilogy uses a Mii for each save file but I only had to pick a new Mii for it, I didn't lose any data. 350c69d7ab


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