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[S7E12] Infected

Blake hopes that her newest transplant goes well. The woman has diabetes and has elevated white blood cells and blood sugar. Woman can't tell if she feels worse than normal because she always feels bad. Marcel examines her. She burned her feet and didn't even feel it. Marcel says the burn is infected. Blake says they will need to get IV antibiotics. Blake tells Marcel they can't do the surgery with this infection. The liver will have to go to someone else. The patient's son feels that's not fair. His mom has been waiting for a year and he wants to take the risk. Blake still won't do it. Chad accuses her of caring only about the liver. He insists on the surgery. Marcel says walk away or I call security. Chad leaves and Blake tells Marcel to find her a nurse.

[S7E12] Infected

In his report, Kwang tells, with some incredulity, of everything he witnesses at the 4077th. He remarks that the OR is chaotic, and their off-hours behavior (drinking, gambling, etc.) is decadent. He goes on to say that the Americans are "soft and weak-willed as we are led to believe", supplied with an abundance of food but constantly complaining about its quality. Kwang then marvels that the doctors, with all their advanced training and medicine, cannot figure out how to treat a simple rash which has infected several wounded soldiers. Everything the surgeons have tried has failed, and the rash is getting so bad that the patients could be tearing open their stitches from scratching through their bandages. Kwang offers a remedy: Oh Dong Mol, a Korean concoction made from boiled tree bark, but it has a horrible stench that, according to Hawkeye, "would offend B.O. Plenty". They tell the infected patients in Post Op about the malodorous remedy, and all of them raise their hands to volunteer, so they use the Oh Dong Mol on them, and it works.

Even Jax, the lead character, isn't charmed by Charming since he keeps wanting to leave. However, Charming isn't the only center of chaos. Charming's toxicity is contagious and almost every other location that's featured on the show appears to have been infected by it. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, given the show's subject matter.

Further shitty writing: some whistle signal calls off allthe rampaging, infected vamps, and Bill and Sam do not try to figure out whatthat was. The implication is that someone is controlling these guys, and Billat least seemed to recognize this. But instead he teamed up with Andy Bellefleur to just randomly drive around looking for theabducted humans. OK.

Clark reunited with and started dating Lana Lang again. She divorced Lex and returned to Smallville. Lana began a non-profit organization with the intent to help meteor-infected individuals. However, Lana constantly battled conflicting feelings within herself, fueled by anger and hurt over her relationship with Lex. Lana fell victim to evil supercomputer Brainiac, who put her in a painful coma for several weeks. Upon waking, Lana left Smallville and Clark.

The Mortis arc is a three-episode tale that delivers its fair share of frights. Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka set off investigating the realm of Mortis after being drawn in by a mysterious force. The three living beings they encounter -- the Father, the Daughter, and the Son -- on Mortis have been stuck in a struggle to keep the balance between themselves and the Force for ages, with Ahsoka ultimately infected by the dark side. With an eerie black showing through her skin, Ahsoka faces off against Obi-Wan and Anakin in a bloodthirsty fight that ends in dire circumstances. 041b061a72


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