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Buy Nikon D500

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using the d500 with a sigma 150-600c. Does the slower focusing speed of the lens negate the benefits of the fast focusing of the d500 compared to say using a d7200?

buy nikon d500

Also get Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D500. Appx 1000 pgs. You can create bookmarks and since its pdf have on every device so always with

Two extremely different very good cameras. Either you need the d500 autofocus speeds and tracking or you don't? I like the jpegs on the Fuji better but not even close in autofocus performance, both cameras are meant for very different photos.

Hello I am debating weather to get the d7200 or the d500 or the canon 80d, I want to shoot landscapes macro some wildlife and macros so basicly everything, what camera do you think I should get? would be great if you answeared

I shot black vultures in flight with blue sky with my d500 using the 200-500 Nikon lens. That camera and lens picked up details under the wings and in the face. Contrast with black feathers and light feathers (fiber detail) was right on. No loss of detail due to black underside. I wish it had more megapixels but shooting DX I might get full use anyway. Great action camera. Thank you for the tips.

Just got my d500 and want to use (and understand) all that this amazing camera has to offer (coming off using a d7200). Primarily shoot birds and birds in flight, my best lens is the Nikon 200-500 f 5.6. 041b061a72


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