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Mage: The Ascension (Mage Roleplying) NEW! Download Pdf

the key is to play the mage as a learner rather than an advancer: the mage is not presented as a character who has mastered all his knowledge, but as one who is still on the way to finding himself, to build his own character. this is reflected in the way the mage is presented: he is the person who needs to live his character, that is, to use his actions to reflect his current state, with no need to master skills or gain experience points.

Mage: The Ascension (Mage Roleplying) Download Pdf

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what makes di different from other rpgs (btw, one of my favorite parts of the book): the mechanics for soul cultivation. di integrates these mechanics with the soul regrowth theme of the game, so that the player gets soul cultivation ticks (5 ticks=1 soul point) for making actions related to some virtues, soul decay ticks (5 ticks=-1 soul point) for making actions related to some vices.

di is a game worth reading and playing. its greatest virtue, imo, is that makes a conscious (it states it in the introduction) effort to propitiate different types of adventures than those encountered in other games, focusing more in the internal aspect of the characters and its emotional evolution, in a interesting twist from the typical rpg games out there.

the style rating only includes the quality of the art in the book. the genre and setting aren't as important. and i'm going to use "genre" as a synonym for "setting", although these two concepts are not entirely the same. also, this rating doesn't include potential. the character creation chapter is quite long, but that is because it is filled with a lot of information.


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